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Virtual College's Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Questions can also be answered by emailing or by calling (785) 628-FHSU (3478) or toll free at 800-628-FHSU (3478).

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Grades, Credits, and Graduation

What is the cost of a Virtual College course?
Tuition are posted online at the Student Fiscal Services website.
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Are textbooks and materials included in the tuition ?
No, textbooks and course material costs are not included in the tuition cost. To order textbooks and materials, please visit the University Bookstore online or call 800-8510.
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How do I start?
You will find information about where and how to begin your college career with FHSU at the Virtual College Easy Info website. This site offers a list of program offerings, a link to the up-to-date schedule of classes and every other step of the process right down to ordering your books and course materials.
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Is Fort Hays State University accredited?
Fort Hays State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College and Schools, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504, USA 800-621-7440; or (312) 263-0456.
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What is the application fee?
Students applying for admission for the first time at FHSU must pay a one-time, nonrefundable application fee of $30 for undergraduates and $40 for graduates. International student fees are $50 (U.S. funds). No action will be taken pertaining admission until this application fee is paid.
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Do I need to be admitted to FHSU to take courses offered through the Virtual College?
Yes. Students enrolling at FHSU for the first time must submit an application for admission.
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What if I have previously attended FHSU and want to get started again?

 If it has been more than two consecutive semesters, you will need to complete a re-entry application. The application is located at If you have attended any other schools since you were at FHSU you will need to mail in transcripts.

Mail transcripts to:

Fort Hays State University- Registrar's Office

600 Park Street

Hays, KS 67601

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Do I need to be admitted to the Graduate School to take graduate-level courses?
Yes. The application form is available online. Non-degree seeking students must complete the application for admission and supply evidence of the bachelor's degree (transcript) with at least a 2.50 GPA for the last 60 credit hours from a regionally accredited educational institution. Inquiries should be made to the Graduate School at 785-628-4236 or prior to pre-registration/enrollment.
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Did you receive my application materials?

If you completed the undergraduate application, you can check your status by calling the FHSU Registrar's Office at (785) 628-4222. For graduate school applications you can call the FHSU Graduate School at (785) 628-4236.

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How can I find out who is assigned as my advisor?

Advisor information is provided to each student by the Registrar's Office when the student is admitted to the University. To find out who your advisor is visit TigerTracks.
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I am in the Navy and would like to attend FHSU, what should I do first?
Contact your local Navy Education Office. Education Counselors will explain the Navy College Partnership Distance Learning Program and assist you in getting your SMART transcript. You can learn more about the program online or by calling 785-628-FHSU or 800-628-FHSU.
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How do I find out what classes are offered next semester?
For an up-to-date list of course offerings for current and upcoming semesters visit TigerTracks.
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How will I know what classes to take?
Contact your advisor to discuss the courses necessary to obtain a degree.
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How can I pre-enroll/enroll for my Virtual College course(s)?
TigerEnroll. You must  login to TigerTracks and then to TigerEnroll in order to complete the Enrollment Worksheet. Pre-registrations/enrollments should be completed prior to the official semester/term start date. Select courses, workshops and seminars may have alternative enrollment dates. Check the course schedule online at TigerTracks for exact enrollment information.
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How do I drop/withdraw from my Virtual College course(s)?
Courses must be dropped through TigerEnroll. Once you have logged into your TigerEnroll account:
              1. Select the semester and click on the "Pre-Enroll/Schedule Changes" tab.
              2. Select the course you would like to drop and place a check in the box to the left of the course
              3. Click on the "Remove/Drop Selected" button.
Your request will be sent to your Academic Advisor for approval prior to processing. It is important to check with the office of Financial Assistance prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course to verify how it will affect your financial status.

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How do I file an appeal?

For information regarding the Academic Appeal process for Virtual College students contact Janelle Perryman in the Virtual College at 785-628-5964 or by email at or call 785-628-4222. Before filing an Academic Appeal please review the Fort Hays State University policy regarding and Academic Appeal process.

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What are the system requirements for courses offered on Blackboard or CD-ROM?
The following are the minimum technical requirements to take CD-ROM and Internet-based courses from the Virtual College.

  • 2.4 GHz Dual Core processor or greater for simultaneous record/playback features
  • 2 GM of RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card
  • High-speed Internet connection (audio/video)
  • Full Duplex sound card and speakers
  • Internet access and and e-mail account
  • Windows Media Player 9.0 or later
  • QuickTime 7.5 or later
  • DVD and CD player
  • "Web-cam" preferred
Note: Courseware cannot be accessed using Web TV

For additional information, please visit the Virtual College website.

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What if I don't have all the software required to view the material for my online course?
A list of free software downloads is available online.
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What if I have technical problems with my CD-ROM, DVD or Online course?
For technical assistance with CD-ROM, DVD, or online courses that are offered through the Virtual College, call 785-628-4291.
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Can I purchase or keep my DVDs?
No. CD-ROMs and DVDs are property of Fort Hays State University and are not available for resale. CD-ROMs and DVDs must be received by the University Bookstore no later than 10 days after the completion of the semester/term in order for you to receive your deposit refund.
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How are the courses delivered?
The Virtual College delivers distance learning coursework through asynchronous and synchronous modes. Asynchronous delivery (anytime/any place) includes: CD-ROMs, DVDs, the Internet, and guided study. Synchronous delivery (same time/different locations) includes: face-to-face and internet protocol television (IPTV).
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How do I login to blackboard?
Go to Blackboard and read the information provided. Click on the log in button. Enter your TigerNet ID & password to access your information. If you are a new student you will not have access to Blackboard until courses begin.
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How do I find my syllabus?

Tentative syllabi for courses offered through the Virtual College are listed online.
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How do I take exams?
Information on exams will be found in the course syllabus or provided by the instructor. Some instructors request students to secure a test proctor during exams. Proctor information can be found online.
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When will I receive my grade(s)?
Final grades from instructors are due in the Registrar's Office on the first work day after the semester/term ends. Students may view their grades at TigerTracks. Grades will only be mailed to the student if the student sends a written request to the Registrar's Office, Fort Hays State University, Picken Hall 302, 600 Park Street, Hays, KS 67601-4099.
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Will the credit I earn apply toward my degree for teacher certification?
Contact your advisor or the Licensure Office at 785-628-4542 before you pre-enroll to ensure credit will apply toward degree requirements or certification.
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Will the Virtual College issue my degree and what will be on my diploma?
The student's FHSU degree will be awarded through one of the five colleges: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Business and Entrepreneurship, College of Education,  College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, College of Science, Technology and Mathematics. at Fort Hays State University. The words Virtual College will not appear on the diploma.
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