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After you are admitted to Fort Hays State University, you will use TigerEnroll to pre-enroll in classes and finalize your enrollment. Access to TigerEnroll is available through the Online Services tab of your TigerTracks account. It is the student's responsibility to finalize enrollment by the enrollment deadlines! Students must read and agree to the Financial Responsibility Agreement in TigerEnroll in order to enroll.  Advisors cannot finalize your enrollment for you. Only you, the student, have access to finalize by making payment arrangements.

See our Important Dates or the University Academic Calendar for each semester's enrollment dates and deadlines. 

Valid Payment Options for Enrollment

We offer several options for you to pay your tuition and fees. 

Pay in full with a Debit/Credit Card.  FHSU accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. FHSU does not charge a convenience fee for debit/credit transactions. You will need to have the following information available at the time of payment:

  • Cardholder name
  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • CSC Code (the 3- or 4-digit security code located in the signature line on the back of the credit card)

Pay in full with a Check.  You can pay by check online. FHSU does not charge a convenience fee for online check transactions. You will need the following information available at the time of payment:

  • Account holder information
  • Check number
  • Bank (MICR) numbers (bank routing number, your account number, and your check number)
  • Driver's license or state ID number

Pay with the Tuition Installment Plan.  You may select this convenient payment plan to pay your tuition in multiple installments.

  • For Fall and Spring semesters, tuition is divided into three equal installments. For the Summer term tuition is divided into two equal installments.
  • You will be charged a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee.
  • The first payment, plus the administrative fee, must be made when you finalize enrollment by either credit/debit card or online check.
  • You are responsible to make the remaining payments on or before the due dates.
  • Payment information is not retained from the previous payments made. Therefore, it is your responsibility to initiate your remaining installments.
  • Remaining payments can be made online through Account Balance/Make a Payment on TigerTracks.
  • Failure to make your payments on time may result in your inability to use the Tuition Installment Plan in future semesters!

Pay with Financial Assistance

  •  You may use your available financial assistance to pay your tuition when you finalize enrollment. 
  • FHSU accepts tuition assistance (third party billing) from approved special programs such as Military Tuition Assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation, School Districts, etc. with approved documentation.  More information can be found at Tuition Assistance.
  •  If you do not have enough financial assistance or third party funds from approved special programs to pay your entire tuition balance, you will need to pay the remainder with a debit/credit card, online check or Tuition Installment Plan. Note that payment for tuition will be your (student's) responsibility if financial assistance funds are not available by the tuition deferment deadline as shown in Important Dates.  


If you are unable to finalize enrollment with one of the listed online payment options, call us at 800-628-FHSU (option 8, then option 2), 785-628-5251 or stop by our office at  317 Picken Hall

Classes Added After Initial Enrollment

If you add class(es) after your initial enrollment for the semester in TigerEnroll, you must pay your tuition charges in TigerTracks (Online Services tab, go to Account Balance/Make a Payment).   

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