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Academic Calendar

The University has a number of dates that are very important to the community of students, faculty and staff. For dates specific to a particular semester or term, please select that semester/term and year for a complete calendar of important dates.

* View instructions to add the FHSU Academic Calendar to Outlook, Gmail, and other calendar applications. 

Fall Semester 2017

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2017

Intersession 2018

Spring Semester 2018

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2018

Summer Term 2018

Fall Semester 2018

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2018

Spring Semester 2019


University Calendar

Past semester calendars:


Summer Term 2017

Spring Semester 2017

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2017

 Intersession 2017

Fall Semester 2016

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2016

Summer Term 2016

Spring Semester 2016

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2016

Fall Semester 2015

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2015

Intersession 2016

Summer Term 2015

Spring Semester 2015

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2015

Intersession 2015

Fall Semester 2014

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2014

Intersession 2014

Spring Semester 2014

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2014

Summer Term 2014 

Fall Semester 2013

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2013  

Summer Term 2013

Spring Semester 2013

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2013

Intersession 2013

Fall Semester 2012 

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2012

Summer Term 2012  

Spring Semester 2012

Finals Schedule Spring Semester 2012

Fall Semester 2011

Finals Schedule Fall Semester 2011  

Summer Term 2011

Spring Semester 2011

Finals Schedule Spring 2011

Fall Semester 2010 

Finals Schedule Fall 2010

Summer Term 2010

Spring Semester 2010  

Fall Semester 2009 

Summer Term 2009

Spring Semester 2009 

Fall Semester 2008  

Summer Term 2008

Spring Semester 2008

Fall Semester 2007  

Summer Term 2007 

Spring Semester 2007

Fall Semester 2006

Summer Term 2006

Spring Semester 2006  


Add the FHSU Academic Calendar to your calendar

Method 1: Add as an internet calendar:

  1. *All changes/updates will automatically sync to your calendar.
  2. Copy this URL: webcal://
  3. Go to your calendar application  (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and add the calendar by choosing "add from internet" or "add by URL."

Method 2: Download the iCal file:

  1. *iCal files are static.  Changes/updates will not be automatically synced to your calendar. 
  2.  Download: FHSU Academic Calendar iCal file


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