Fall Semester 2010

MWF, MTWTF, Classes

  Day of Exam Date Time of Exam
7:30 Wednesday December 15 7:30-9:10
8:30 Monday December 13 8:30-10:10
9:30 Wednesday December 15 9:30-11:10
10:30 Monday December 13 10:30-12:10
11:30 Wednesday December 15 11:30-1:10
12:30 Monday December 13 12:30-2:10
1:30 Wednesday December 15 1:30-3:10
2:30 Monday December 13 2:30-4:10
3:30 Wednesday December 15 3:30-5:10
4:30 Monday December 13 4:30-6:10

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

  Day of Exam Date Time of Exam
 7:30 Thursday December 16 7:30-9:10
 8:30 Saturday December 11 10:30-12:10
9:00 Tuesday December 14 9:00-10:40
9:30 Tuesday December 14 9:00-10:40
10:30 Thursday December 16 10:30-12:10
11:30 Saturday December 11 10:30-12:10
12:00 Tuesday December 14 12:00-1:40
12:30 Tuesday December 14 12:00-1:40
1:30 Thursday December 16 1:30-3:10
2:30 Saturday December 11 10:30-12:10
3:00 Tuesday December 14 3:00-4:40
3:30 Tuesday December 14 3:00-4:40
4:30 Thursday December 16 4:30-6:10

Exam Day is Friday, December 17
Intermediate Algebra exam is Saturday, December 11, 1:00-2:40
College Algebra exam is Saturday, December 11, 1:00-2:40
Elements of Statistics exam is Saturday, December 11, 3:00-4:40

Any instructor changing the time from the announced examination schedule must have the approval of the college dean. If a class start time is not listed above, the examination schedule will be announced by the instructor.

All classes shall meet for at least one hour at the time indicated on the examination schedule for the final summing of work of the course. Whether this "final summing up" is written examination or a discussion or other form of summarization is for the instructor to decide. But whatever the form, it should be a most profitable period to the student and instructor for a final appraisal of the course. Under no circumstances should this schedule period be omitted or made of no importance.

No student is permitted to take an examination before the scheduled time for the examination. Students must seek permission of the dean of the college in which the course is being taught to take a late final examination.

Friday is available for those students who have more than three finals on a particular day and for whom late finals are scheduled with dean's approval. Any student having more than three examinations scheduled on the same day may make arrangements with the dean(s) of the college(s) in which the courses are taught to have an adjustment made in the examination schedule.


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