Pre-professional Programs at FHSU

Pre-Medical and Other Health Professions

Two faculty advisors manage the pre-medical program at Fort Hays State University: Dr. James Balthazor  and Dr. Krisztina Bencze Students seeking acceptance into medical school should work with these faculty advisors to do the following while at FHSU: 1) pursue a Bachelor's degree in one of the liberal arts or sciences; 2) successfully complete the required pre-medical courses, primarily in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and the social sciences; and 3) take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). These faculty advisors can also provide guidance with regard to the application services for medical school admissions, the interview process at the medical schools, and the wide variety of programs offered by medical schools.

Pre-Chiropractic, Pre-Osteopathy and Pre-Podiatry
Students interested in these three pre-professional programs generally follow the course outlined in the pre-medicine program above. However, all students wishing to study a pre-chiropractic, pre-osteopathy or pre-podiatry academic program should consult one of the pre-medicine advisors -Dr. James Balthazor and Dr. Krisztina Bencze - for advice.

Fort Hays State University students seeking admission to dental school should contact the Pre-Dental advisors, Dr. James Balthazor and Dr. Krisztina Bencze, to get the latest information regarding dental schools and their pre-requisites. Pre-dental students should pursue a regular Bachelor's degree in one of the liberal arts or sciences, excel in the required Pre-Dental course work (mainly in biology, chemistry, and physics), and take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). The Pre-Dental advisors can also offer guidance to the application service for dental schools (AADSAS), changes in dental school requirements and curriculum, and the interview process for prospective dental students.

The pre-optometry advisors at Fort Hays State University, Dr. James Balthazor and Dr. Krisztina Bencze, offer guidance to students seeking admission to an optometry school regardless of the student's major. The successful applicant to optometry school will have: 1) completed a Bachelors' degree in one of the liberal arts or sciences; 2) mastered the basic pre-requisite course work, mainly in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics; and 3) done well on the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT). Guidance regarding the application service for optometry school admission (OptomCAS), interviewing as part of the admissions process, and the curricula that optometry schools offer to their students, will also be provided by the Pre-Optometry advisors.

Pre-pharmacy at Fort Hays State University is a two-year program advised by two faculty members, Dr. Loretta Dorn and Dr. Stephen Donnelly. The required courses for pre-pharmacy - mainly in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics - and the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), should be completed by students seeking admission into pharmacy school. The pre-pharmacy advisors can also assist students in completing the pharmacy school application through PharmCAS, preparing for interviews at the pharmacy schools, and extra-curricular activities that can help prospective pharmacy students achieve success.

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Other Curricula

Pre-law at Fort Hays State University is a reputable four-year program available through the Department of Political Science and is advised by Dr. Bryan Bennett. Students seeking admission to law schools should pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and concentrate their elective courses on a variety of pre-law subjects. Membership with the Pre-Law Society, which provides networking opportunities with other students, attorneys, judges and universities, is also recommended to students. Law schools prefer exceptional scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The pre-law advisor can offer guidance to form the best academic experience and ensure access to top law schools across the country. Pre-Law Curricula

The four-year pre-theology program at Fort Hays State University has been crafted to meet the suggestions of the American Association of Theological Schools. Advisor Dr. Carl Miller is available to help students decide which Bachelor of Arts degree to pursue-philosophy, English, or history-and how to tailor their academic experiences to best result in a successful career. Pre-theological students should consult denominational authorities for specific information about acceptable theological schools and their requirements. Pre-Theology Curricula

Those planning to receive a pre-engineering degree from Fort Hays State University should consult the program advisors, Dr. Gavin Buffington. Pre-engineering students have two options: the 2+2 Program or the 3+2 Program. 2+2 Program students major exclusively in Engineering, and are exposed to basic pre-engineering coursework during the first two years of their education. Following course completion, they can continue in their FHSU studies with careful consideration of other universities' program requirements or transfer to the engineering school of their choice. Students enrolled in the 3+2 Program will obtain additional credits for a B.S. in physics to accompany their pre-engineering program credits. After completion of this program at FHSU, they can transfer to the engineering school of their choice. Although this program requires three years of residence at FHSU, students will attain a broad educational background designed to further their careers. Pre-Engineering 2+2 Curricula | Pre-Engineering 3+2 Curricula

Pre-Political Management
Fort Hays State University's pre-political management program trains students in political campaigning practice and theory in a hands-on environment. FHSU students should consult with program advisor Dr. Chapman Rackaway to ensure success. Students who choose this degree will focus their studies to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Political Management. They will be exposed to course topics such as campaign management, fundraising, media and politics and others. The curriculum will ensure success in careers such as political reporter in news networks, political firm consultants, and politic experts for campaign parties and interest groups. Pre-Political Management Curricula 

Pre-Public Administration
Those seeking a degree in pre-public administration will work with advisor Dr. Jian Sun to create a coursework tailored to their needs. Those who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration. Those with interest in public service positions and governmental jobs at the local, state and federal level should find success in this degree. Pre-Public Administration Curricula

Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Those seeking a degree in pre-veterinary medicine through Fort Hays State University must plan carefully with the program advisor, Dr. John Greathouse, to prepare for admission into a college of veterinary medicine. Since this curriculum is not a stand-alone degree program, students are encouraged to pursue an accompanying four-year degree program of study. Students will work through the curriculum to meet pre-veterinary medicine requirements for U.S. schools and colleges of veterinary medicine accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Pre-Veterinary Medicine Curricula

Pre-Physical Therapy
The requirements for completion of Fort Hays State University's pre-physical therapy degree is designed to satisfy requirement for a physical therapy program certified by the American Physical Therapy Association. Students with plans to complete this course must plan early with the program advisor, Dr. Elmer Finck, to ensure the requirements for admission to schools of physical therapy are satisfied. The coursework includes completion of a bachelor's degree in biology prior to entry into a professional school of physical therapy. Pre-Physical Therapy Curricula

Pre-Physical Therapy (Health and Human Performance)
The B.S. in Health and Human Performance, with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Therapy concentration, is designed to assist students in their preparation for entrance application for professional programs in physical therapy. Individuals wishing to enter a professional health program should pursue an undergraduate major in the discipline of their choice, but should take whatever additional courses may be necessary as prerequisites for admission to the specific professional school of interest. Students are encouraged to locate the specific admissions requirement for the school of interest and work with their program advisor to ensure that all admissions requirements are met prior to graduation from Fort Hays State University. Sport and Exercise Therapy


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