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BA Degree in Philosophy, Pre-theology Emphasis

Requirements for admission to theological schools and seminaries vary considerably. The following suggested pre-theological curriculum has been prepared to meet the suggestions of the American Association of Theological Schools. Many of the larger seminaries are members of this association. The pre-theological student should consult denominational authorities for specific information about acceptable theological schools and their requirements.

The curriculum listed below leads to the B.A. degree. A major must be completed from the hours listed as elective. The American Association of Theological Schools suggests that the student complete a major in philosophy, English, or history. The advisor will assist the student to vary this suggested curriculum to fit particular needs.

Suggested Four-Year Program :

Freshman Year
Fall Semester:
ENG 101 English Composition I
PHIL 140 Philosophy and the Bible: Old Testament
PHIL 100 General Logic
General Education elective (History) 
HHP 200 Personal Wellness

Spring Semester:
ENG 102 English Composition II
PHIL 240 Philosophy and the Bible: New Testament
CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems
or CSCI 163 Introduction to Computing Systems
General Education elective (International Studies)
General Education elective (Natural Science)
Natural Science Laboratory

Sophomore Year
Fall Semester:
Beginning Language I elective
COMM 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
PHIL 220 Classical Greek Philosophy
MATH 101 Liberal Arts Mathematics or MATH 110 College Algebra 

Spring Semester:
Beginning Language II elective
PHIL 170 World Religions
PHIL 360 Philosophy of Religion
General Education elective (Psychology)
General Education elective (Natural Science)

Junior Year
Fall Semester:
PHIL 340 Ethics
PHIL 320 Foundations of Modern Philosophy 
General Education elective (Literature)
General Education elective (Natural Science) 

Spring Semester:
General Education elective (International Studies) 
General Education elective (History)
Electives (10 hrs)

Senior Year
Fall Semester:
PHIL 490 Topics in Philosophy or PHIL 370 Eastern Philosophy 
Electives (13 hrs)

Spring Semester:
PHIL 499 Senior Thesis
General Education elective (upper-division integrative course)
Electives (10 hrs)

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