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Join the Maws & Paws listserv, Family Association, or send special greetings from home.

Maws & Paws Listserv
Want to stay connected but are not able to come to FHSU for all events? That is okay! We have the perfect solution for parents & families to stay in touch. If you would like to receive monthly emails to let you know what is coming up in the following month, follow this link to sign up today!

Family Association
Our Mission:
The mission of the FHSU Family Association is to develop opportunities for parent & family involvement. We would like to provide parents with their own connection to information and assistance, and to give a parent perspective of FHSU. The Family Association also provides a support group with other parents who have students at FHSU.

Our Goals:

  1. Connections to Campus:  Parents & families will have the opportunity to connect to campus through volunteer opportunities, annual programs, Fall Family Weekend, Li'l' Sibs Weekend, Spring Family Reunion.
  2. Connections to Peers:  Parents & families will have the opportunity to connect to peers through services (Tiger Family Team, etc), and events (welcome events during new student orientation, transition programs, etc).
  3. Access to Resources:  Webinars about specific topics directed to parents & families, e-newsletters and Tiger Family Team.


  • No fee - lifetime membership
  • Fulfill chosen level of commitment:
    • Least Commitment - willing to participate in at least one association event/activity
    • Medium Commitment - willing to participate in some activities with association
    • Highest Commitment - willing to do as much as possible with the association
  • Receive emails with dates and deadlines and e-newsletters
  • Links to other helpful tools at FHSU

If you have any questions regarding the Fort Hays State University 's Family Association, please contact Maureen Duffy, Graduate Assistant for New Student & Family Programs at or 785-628-4691.

FHSU Ring tones - To set the Tiger Fight Song as your ringtone, visit this page in your mobile browser and download the file to your phone!

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Balloon Bouquets now available - UNION BALLOONERY ---- MEMORIAL UNION
The Memorial Union has started a balloon service from the Student Service Center called "UNION BALLOONERY."  Order balloon bouquets or individual balloons filled with helium for decorating or for special occasions. An assortment of 12" latex balloons in various colors, animal stripe balloons, and 18" Mylar balloons with the various messages: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONGRATULATIONS, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, GRADUATION, GET WELL, THANK YOU, KISSES AND HUGS, GOOD LUCK, AND I LOVE YOU are available.

Latex balloons can be treated to stay afloat for over a week, or for a discount, inflated with just helium. Latex balloons will cost 50 cents each if untreated, or 75 cents each if treated with "Hifloat," and Mylar balloons are $2.00 each. For balloon bouquets, a balloon weight is available for $1.00. As an example, a balloon bouquet with a Mylar message balloon, 4 colorful treated latex balloons, and a weight will cost only $6.00.

Balloons can be ordered by phone at (785) 628-5306 Monday -- Friday between 9 am to 8:00 pm. Orders must be prepaid by credit card. When calling, please indicate the day, time and the name of the person who will receive the balloon bouquet. Balloon delivery is not available, however the Memorial Union staff is pleased to e-mail students of the surprise from home awaiting for them in the Memorial Union. 

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