New University Mission

Fort Hays State University provides accessible quality education to Kansas, the nation, and the world through an innovative community of teacher-scholars and professionals to develop engaged global citizen-leaders.

Revising the University Mission

Rationale for Change

The ever-changing model of higher education has been embraced by Fort Hays State University in a variety of areas. From embracing online learning to global outreach and education, FHSU has established itself as a leader in forward-thinking higher education. As our day to day mission has changed, the mission statement has not changed accordingly. The mission of Fort Hays State University should change, just as the university has, to reflect that goal.

In the twenty years since the University's mission was adopted, the environment in which FHSU operates has changed drastically. Federal regulations have increased while state funding support has decreased, pushing the university to be more entrepreneurial. Virtual learning and global education are two of the most significant changes, but are not the only new circumstances we face.

Goal Statement and Outcome

To modernize the existing university mission statement through the recognition of our current modalities within an increasingly competitive and regulated environment.

Keep track of our progress on the revision of the university mission by reviewing the following documents.

University Mission Revision Process Document

Mission Forum Recording

MIssion Statements from other AQIP Universities

University Task Force Meeting Agendas and Minutes

April 26, 2011       Agenda  |   Minutes

May 20, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

June 14, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

July 19, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

August 2, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

September 6, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

September 20, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

October 4, 2011      Agenda  |   Minutes

Historic Mission Statement

Fort Hays State University, a regional university principally serving western Kansas, is dedicated to providing instruction within a computerized environment in the arts and sciences, business, education, the health and life sciences, and agriculture. The university's primary emphasis is undergraduate liberal education, which includes the humanities, the fine arts, the social/behavioral sciences, and the natural/physical sciences. These disciplines serve as the foundation of all programs. Graduates are provided a foundation for entry into graduate school, for employment requiring well-developed analytical and communication skills, and for lives of ethical and civic responsibility to better understand global complexities and an American society of increasing diversity.

Natural outgrowths of the university's primary emphasis include pre-professional, professional, master's, and education specialist programs. A statewide strategic focus of the university is the integration of computer and telecommunications technology with the educational environment and the work place.

Scholarship at FHSU is supported because it stimulates faculty and students, provides new knowledge, connects the disciplines, and builds bridges between teaching and learning while linking theory with practice to address the needs of a diverse society.

The university is responsible for providing public service to the community, the region, and the state of Kansas. Programs consistent with the university's academic and research activities emphasize the importance of FHSU as the cultural center of western Kansas.


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