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 Facilities Planning

FHSU East Entrance

The Office of Facilities Planning provides both short-term and long-term facilities master planning; administers and supervises all construction and renovation projects on campus; coordinates project planning and construction with contracted architects, engineers and other consultants; provides architectural services for remodeling projects; maintains and updates floor plans and space utilization data for all buildings; and ensures code compliance on all projects.

Having an appropriate, aesthetically-pleasing space to work, teach and learn in is a priority. Guidelines for achieving this have been established as referenced in the Policy on Personalization and Modifications of Offices and Assigned Space. Guidelines have been established for signage on campus as well. Questions regarding new or replacement exterior signage may be referred to Troy Steiner ( Samantha Lowry ( coordinates the annual carpet replacement project, orders furniture for departments and oversees ordering/installation of tack boards, marker boards and blinds. Questions regarding new or replacement interior signage may be referred to Samantha. 




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