Office of Field Experiences and Licensure

Elementary and Early Childhood Unified Internships 

The purpose of the Elementary Internships is to provide an opportunity for initial candidates to obtain experience in the teaching and assessment of social studies, reading and language arts, mathematics, and science. 

The purpose of the Early Childhood Unified (ECU) Internships is to provide an opportunity for candidates to obtain experience in the teaching and assessment of art, music, health/P.E., social studies, language development, math and science.

Beginning Fall 2016, ECU and Special Education minors will be required to take TESP 360: Principles of Instruction in Special Ed & Clinical Immersion Birth-Grade 12 as an internship course in addition to other required internships.

Pedagogic skills like management of a classroom, making adjustments for individual student needs, utilizing developmentally appropriate practices, and reflecting on performance are enhanced under the supervision of education faculty and quality mentor teachers.

Student Resources

shoemaker, lacie

Ms. Lacie Shoemaker
Coordinator of Internships
Rarick Hall 220A

Ms. Shoemaker coordinates the placements for candidates completing elementary, early childhood, and special education field experiences.



Student Teaching

In the last year of their programs, candidates will pair up with seasoned mentors for their student teaching experience. Master teachers are selected by principals and FHSU placement personnel to guide candidates in the final phase of their pre-service experience.

Student Resources


Mr. Shawn Henderson
Director of Field Experiences
Rarick Hall 220C

Mr. Henderson is responsible for coordinating with K-12 schools regarding the placement of education field experiences including student teaching. He also assigns and trains supervisors of clinical experiences.


Beckman, Andi BI5A8160 print use

Mrs. Andi Beckman
Academic Program Specialist 
Rarick Hall 216

Mrs. Beckman processes applications to teacher education and student teaching. Andi also determines eligibility and communicates with candidates regarding their status.

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Alyssa Chappell

Mrs. Alyssa Chappell
Senior Administrative Assistant 
Rarick Hall 220

Mrs. Chappell coordinates the information flow for the Office of Field Experiences and Licensure in regards to contracts with supervisors and school districts. She also confirms placements, travel authorizations, and reimbursement.

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