New: The Chemistry Department announces a newly developed scholarship!

 gas collection apparatus

Peter J. and Pamela Werth

Chemistry Scholarship


Who Should Apply

*      KAMS graduates who seek an FHSU Chemistry degree; or

*      Qualified FHSU students seeking to change their major to chemistry.

Award Amount

*      $1,800 total award ($900 Werth scholarship plus $900 standard chemistry department scholarship)

*      Renewable twice for a total of three years support. 

*      Scholarships may be used to cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, room and board, and any other college-related expenses.

Eligibility Requirements

*      Completion of CHEM 120 and CHEM 122 at FHSU with a grade of A or B.

*      Favorable letter of reference from current or former CHEM 120/122 instructor.

*      Overall college GPA of 3.0.

*      Declare major in Chemistry and enroll in appropriate chemistry coursework. 


*      Priority Date:  January 15.  Review of applications will begin in early January and awards will be made on a rolling basis. 

*      Final Deadline:  April 15.

 How To Apply

*      Go to this detailed page for application information and further details about the scholarship.

The Chemistry Department is now American Chemical Society Approved!

Fort Hays State University's Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree has gained approval of the American Chemical Society. Graduates of the FHSU chemistry program are eligible to be members of the society after graduation. A representative from the Committee on Professional Training visited the Chemistry Department in December 2011. After review, the committee concluded that the program met the "spirit and intent of the ACS guidelines for approved schools." "The ACS sets high standards for all parts of a degree program, so it is an honor rather than accreditation to have received their approval," said Dr. James Hohman, chair of the Department of Chemistry. "We had to update our degree program to meet the standards. We consider this an honor to be approved by the ACS."

Chemistry is all around you!

Is chemistry your favorite class in high school?  Do you like understanding the world around you at its most basic level, and how matter interacts?  Do you think you might go to medical, dental or pharmacy school down the road?  If so, an in-depth and challenging degree in chemistry may be a great choice for you!

Simply stated, chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it can undergo.  Chemistry is not limited to experiments that happen in laboratories. Rather, it can be found everywhere in the world around you. A solid grounding in chemistry can prepare you for a wide variety of exciting careers in industry, in scientific research, in government agencies, in education, and in the health professions.

Why Choose FHSU’s Department of Chemistry

Most colleges and universities offer undergraduate degrees in chemistry.  So why choose FHSU?  Here are a few reasons for you to consider:

  • Let your faculty advisor help you tailor a program of study to meet your unique needs and career interests. 
  • Enjoy strong mentorship from highly trained PhD-level faculty members, which helps ensure that you acquire the technical and problem-solving skills you need to be in to high demand in both the job market and professional and graduate schools.
  • Dig deeply into advanced study in chemistry as an undergraduate student, such as conducting research with faculty. This does not mean simply washing beakers like it might at some universities – it means taking an active role in the process of scientific discovery.  
  • Learn the proper use and operation of high-tech equipment and instrumentations throughout your entire degree program, an opportunity rarely available to undergraduate students even at larger universities.  Such equipment includes:
    • visible-ultraviolet, emission, atomic absorption, infrared, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers,
    • electrophoresis equipment
    • gas and liquid chromatographs 
    • refrigerated centrifuge 

Learn more about your options in the chemistry program at FHSU by exploring the Web site.  Please feel free to contact the Department of Chemistry if you would like to speak with a faculty advisor about becoming a chemistry major at FHSU.

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