Admission to the Graduate School

1.    Submit an Application for Graduate Admission at
Pay the $40 domestic application fee or $50 international application fee.
Provide the Graduate School with an official Bachelor's degree transcript from an accredited college or university, and an official transcript or transcripts of all college credit earned prior to this application. Each official transcript must be sent directly from the college or university Registrar to the Graduate School. Transcripts submitted personally by the student are not acceptable. (NOTE: The transcript(s) submitted for admission cannot be returned to the student, nor can copies of such transcripts be made and issued to the student or to other colleges or universities.) For international applicants from higher education systems that indicate degrees only through diplomas or degree certificates, a certified copy of the diploma/degree certificate and all mark sheets must be provided. For institutions outside the United States, A World Education Service (WES) International Course-by-Course Transcript Evaluation is required for translation.
Provide entrance examination scores as required by individual departments.
Provide letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must be submitted on letterhead or the Graduate School recommendation form with an original signature. Alternatively, you may invite references to complete an electronic recommendation when submitting your application.
6.    Provide
any other documents required by specific departments, such as a personal letter or vita, Background Check Release, Writing Sample, or Digital Art Slides.
7.    International students must provide a certified financial statement and evidence of their ability to speak English. Such evidence may be in the form of examinations given by recognized examining boards or in another form approved by the Graduate Dean. (For the specific statement on the language requirement, see International Students Checklist).

Application Portal Instructions

Applications submitted on or after 10/26/17 will use a student application portal.  Please see the instructional videos below for instructions on using this portal, after you have submitted your application.

1. Creating an Account (New Users)

2. Logging into Account (Returning Users

3. Navigating the Landing Page

4. Navigating the Dashboard

5. Uploading a Document & Received Status

6. Received vs. Completed Status

7. Received vs. Returned Status

8. Admission Decision 

9. International Instructions


 Admission Regulations

When applications are evaluated, the department will follow these regulations:

Show a minimum grade point average of 2.50 (C plus) on the last 60 hours of undergraduate credit. (Departments may have a higher minimum grade point requirement average, so an applicant must check departmental admission requirements.);

  1. Have adequate preparation in the area of specialization in the area of proposed study; and
  2. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

The department will evaluate the material, make a recommendation, and return the file to the Graduate School. The Graduate Dean determines the type of admission and admits the student or determines if the application should be rejected. All application materials become the property of the Graduate School; they may not be copied or returned to the student.

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