Graduate Assistantships

The university awards, on a competitive merit basis, a number of graduate teaching assistantships for qualified graduate degree-seeking students in most degree areas of graduate study. Successful completion of a criminal background check is required for all applicants for university assistantships. The stipend, which may vary by the award, is for the academic year or for one semester. The assistantship is awarded only in the department of the applicant’s major and may be renewable for one year. A full-time graduate assistant cannot hold another job or position on campus unless approved by the Graduate Dean (e.g. summer employment beyond the contracted work period, etc.). Part-time graduate assistants may hold additional on-campus jobs as long as the total hours worked does not exceed 20 hours per week.

The maximum time that a graduate student may hold an assistantship is for a total of four academic semesters unless approved by the Graduate Dean in consultation with the department chair for extenuating circumstances.

Students must work a required number of hours per week in a major subject area. Graduate assistants must be enrolled in a minimum of six graduate hours per semester and three graduate hours for the summer term in courses on an approved graduate degree program. However, in order to be considered a full-time graduate student, a graduate assistant must be enrolled in a minimum of nine graduate credit hours. Tuition waivers of various levels may be available only for university graduate teaching assistantships. No tuition waivers are associated with departmental research or administrative assistantships.

All assistantship applications and required supporting materials must be sent directly to the Graduate School. No application can be reviewed until all materials are in the Graduate School and the student has been admitted to a graduate degree program.

Departments sometime secure private funds, governmental grants, and other funds that may assist graduate students financially and professionally. Inquiries concerning departmental assistantships, which carry no tuition waivers, should be directed to the chair of the departmental major. The student seeking departmental assistantships must also apply through the Graduate School.

Per Semester

GTA Title*
Full (.475)
19 (16 weeks)
Resident tuition**
9 hours graduate tuition assistance
Three-Quarters (.350)
14 (16 weeks)
Resident tuition**
6 hours graduate tuition assistance
Half (.238)
9.5 (16 weeks)
Resident tuition**
3 hours graduate tuition assistance
One-Quarter (.125)
5 (16 weeks)
No resident tuition**
No tuition assistance

The number in parentheses indicates the percent assignment based upon 40 hours.
** If GTA is non-resident.

To apply for a Graduate Assistantship -

  • Current students who have a Workday account (are currently employed by FHSU):

Contact your department of your interest and turn in the Consent to Background check form to the Graduate School Office.

  • Students who do not have a Workday account:

Please use this link to search for the Graduate Assistantship position you wish to apply for. You can use the “Filter by” search bar to filter the Graduate level positions. Click on the job posting for the department you are interested in and click the orange “Apply” button. You will create an account using your email address to apply. Only do this step once! You will use this same account to apply for additional positions. Turn in a completed Consent to Background Check form to the Graduate School Office.

*Note-you will need to fill out an application for each type position you are interested in. Please indicate each semester that you are interested in, up to four semesters (Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019).
Consent to Background Check
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