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When prompted, enter your TigerNetID username and password to open or download resources listed on this page.  If you have not yet activated your TigerNetID or if you don't know your TigerNetID username and password, see the TigerNetID page to activate or recover your TigerNetID login.

VoIP Information

Telecommunications Services completed the conversion to our new Voice over IP system (VoIP) provided by Nex-Tech on 8/31/17.

VoIP Phone Features:

  • Desk phones have a touch screen display;
  • The mobile app allows you to make calls from your cell phone and have them appear as if they are coming from your office;
  • Phones are Bluetooth headset capable;
  • Voicemail-to-email;
  • Call Jump – the ability to transfer a call from your desk phone to your mobile device and remain on the call; and
  • CommPortal - an application that allows you to configure various settings and features for your FHSU Polycom phone extension.

Important Information:

  • It is no longer necessary to dial 9 to reach an off-campus number.  Any programmed numbers that included the 9 will need to be reprogrammed with the 9 removed.
  • For long distance, dial 1 followed by the area code and number.
  • Pressing # after dialing a 4-digit extension or phone number will send the call more quickly.
  • Record your new voicemail greeting on the new system to replace the default greeting (see voicemail instructions).  VoIP phones have built-in message waiting lights (in the upper right corner).
  • Access your voice messages on the new system (see voicemail instructions).
  • Use this form to submit Speed Dial setup or change requestsYou will not be notified when your Speed Dials are set up; they will be programmed into the system as soon as possible.  After your Speed Dials have been set up, they will automatically display on your phone's screen following an overnight system update.

Pricing: Monthly recurring charges to departments, in most cases, have not changed. There are a few circumstances where additional fees may be incurred by departments.

Additional fees will be charged in the following circumstances only:

  • Main departmental offices can install 2 phones on one extension with no additional fees. If more than 2 phones are needed on one extension, the fee is $14 per month, per additional phone.
  • Sidecars (or consoles). Departments are charged for sidecars at a rate of $14 per month
  • Bluetooth Headsets.  Departments should purchase Bluetooth headsets through Central Purchasing.  There is no additional monthly fee for Bluetooth headsets.  Instructions for setting up and using a Bluetooth headset are located in the Polycom Phone User Guide (see link below).

User Guides

PDF: Polycom Transferring Calls Quick Reference Guide (2 pages, provided by Nex-Tech)

PDF: Hosted PBX Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (2 pages, provided by Nex-Tech)

PDF: Getting to Know Your Polycom VVX 500/600 (15 pages, provided by Nex-Tech)

PDF: Polycom Phone User Guide (133 pages, provided by Nex-Tech)

PDF: FHSU CommPortal User Guide (14 pages, provided by FHSU Telecommunication Services)

PDF: FHSU CommPortal Call Manager User Guide (6 pages, provided by FHSU Telecommunication Services)

PDF: Cloud Fax User Guide (7 pages, provided by Nex-Tech)

Video Tutorials (provided by Nex-Tech)

VIDEO: Announced (attended) Transfer to a Speed Dial (0:34)

VIDEO: Unannounced (blind) Transfer to a Speed Dial (0:30)

VIDEO: Announced (attended) Transfer to a Dialed Number, Not Speed Dial (0:33)

VIDEO: Unannounced (blind) Transfer to a Dialed Number, Not Speed Dial (0:33)

VIDEO: Conference Call to OFF-Campus Line (0:42)

VIDEO: Conference Call to ON-Campus Line (0:40)

Cell Phones

Cell Phone State Policy and Contract (PDF) 

Nex-Tech Wireless Phones & Accessories

Conference Calls


Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. Zoom offers the best video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems.

Fort Hays State University has a site license for Zoom, for use by all FHSU faculty and staff! Use this special link in conjunction with your TigerNetID username and password and you are ready to go!  For FAQ's and more information about how to use Zoom for Audio & Video Conferencing at FHSU visit:


Intercall provides an on-demand audio conferencing solution allowing you to initiate a conference call 24/7 without the need to make a reservation or rely on an operator. FHSU employees can sign up for an intercall account by submitting a Lotus Notes Telecom Request.  Conference calls will be billed to the department indicated on the request.

Intercall - Instructions for Conference Calls (PDF)
Intercall User Guide

International Calling

FHSU recommends Pingo for any faculty/ staff arranging international calls from campus telephones. This method has been approved by the Department of Administration and Finance. You may sign up for this service at

*The State of Kansas has notified employees that AT&T Kansan Calling Cards are being discontinued; therefore, FHSU no longer supports this program as of October 2015.

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