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Workday Implementation Update

Over the last year members of HR, Finance and IT staffs have been sequestered (or so it seems) and working furiously on the new Workday ERP – which will be launching soon. The original implementation date of January 2017 was extended to April 9, 2017, to allow for more thorough testing of the software. At this time all modules related to human resources, financial services, and payroll will go live.

What Does this Mean?

Beginning April 9, 2017 the University will have a new system in place for all HR, finance and payroll operations. Each employee will need to login to the new systems to perform any action you previously did using iFAS, or Lotus Notes related to finance, personnel or payroll. All other Lotus Notes workflows related to student services and processes will still be available!

Training will be scheduled for everyone. It started this week with User Acceptance Testing, which includes training for employees in each area and other power users. Training will also be offered beginning in March for everyone on the new functionality and the new processes in place for the work you do today.

What About the Student Processes?

Student modules are also moving to Workday, and project teams successfully implemented the Recruiting and Admissions modules this past July. Additional teams are beginning the long journey toward the implementation of the Workday Student Records, Academic Advising, Curriculum Management, Student Financials, and Financial Aid modules. All modules are scheduled to go live within the next 18-24 months.

A website is being developed that will contain this information and more – and we will keep you informed on that progress.

Many thanks to everyone on campus that has been working so hard to make this happen….it truly takes a village!!

- Joy Hatch, Vice President for Technology

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