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Outlook Tips - Calendars!

With winter rapidly making itself known in Hays America, I thought it would be a great time to share a couple of tips that you can practice indoors and stay warm! The University has been using Outlook for almost a year, and each day we find new tips that can help everyone be more productive. Both tips today related to calendars!

Responding to Meeting Invites

The first tip is being sent by request of the administrative assistants – who discovered that they cannot track meeting responses if you choose “Do Not Send a Response”. In my mind I was trying to keep from filling someone’s Inbox by not sending the response, but that choice does not allow the meeting organizer to see whether or not you responded to the request, and will simply list your response status as “None”.

With that in mind - always choose one of the options that sends a response when responding to meeting invites in Outlook. Do NOT choose “Do Not Send a Response.


Create an Appointment from an Email

Since opening up the faculty and staff groups so that everyone can email them, we’ve had several instances of individuals sending meeting invites to faculty/staff by mistake, rather than creating their own appointment on their calendar. It’s an easy mistake to make – so here is one tip….whenever you create a meeting, be sure to take notice of who is included on the meeting invite. You can cancel the invitation, which removes all recipients but still leaves it on your calendar by clicking the “Cancel Invitation” button.

For creating a simple calendar appointment from an email here are some videos that show you how to properly do this in Outlook:

I hope this has been helpful to everyone….as always please contact TigerTech if you have any questions!

Joy :-)

Joy A. Hatch, Ph.D.
Vice President for Technology
Fort Hays State University

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